Case Examples

Changing A Paragon

The organization my client led had more than 6000 employees, 40,000 "customers" worldwide and an annual budget exceeding a billion dollars.

The goal was clear — bring the world's premier research organization into the age of competition by creating a total-quality organization based on extraordinary customer service, low cost - high value processes and employee commitment.

After two years of working together through education and cross-functional project teams the most cumbersome processes were twice as effective, more than 150 million dollars had been saved, employee commitment was at or better than previous levels and the organization was prepared to take its place in a new world-wide corporate structure.

Growing an Industry Leader

This client was a not-for-profit specialty insurance company.

The CEO's goal was to assure the company's success in the face of increased competition by 1) preserving the humanistic culture in the face of pressure for more efficiency, 2) developing leadership for growth and 3) planning for the transfer of leadership to a new CEO when he retired.

My work began with a in-depth study of the organization. That made it possible for me to serve as a sounding board and learning guide for the CEO, helping him develop a profound understanding of change. Subsequently I provided project consultation for many of the specific change efforts.

The CEO learned about the limits of authority, and the subtle maxim of power, "the more you give away the more you have." His changes made it possible for the company to exceed all of its performance metrics for many years after the consultation ended. The CEO decided not to retire and still leads the organization today.

High Tech Turnaround

The Board of this half-billion dollar technology company wanted a turnaround when they hired a new CEO. Sales were flat, losing quarters were piling up, there was disorganization internally and customers were complaining loudly.

When I began my work, shortly before the new CEO started, the presenting issue was the inefficient and error ridden order entry system. Using methods of work redesign and total quality I helped a project team fix that process.

The new CEO asked me to stay on to assist with the turnaround. We focused on improving asset utilization, reducing process defects, shortening the new product introduction cycle and increasing involvement in all improvement activities. I worked closely with the key leaders responsible for these improvements and the CEO.

Within twenty-four months the stock price had more than doubled; new products were coming into the market on time, employee participation and satisfaction were up.

Bringing Vision to Life

After three years of work, this volunteer-based organization serving almost 90,000 people had a vision and strategic plan. What the leadership needed and wanted was a means to bring that plan to life.

I worked closely with professionals and more than 50 volunteers in multi-agency teams to develop detailed timelines, budgets and program descriptions on the first year of implementation. After six months of work, the plans were completed and approved by the organization’s executive committee.

The next step is to raise the funds necessary for implementation. That work has already begun by hiring grant writers and convening an endowment committee.

Deepening Management and Supervisory Competence

This thirty-five year old, world-renowned not-for-profit venue is host to more than 100,000 visitors a year. The dedication and commitment of the professional staff is of paramount importance to the organization’s leadership. Over the years efforts to enhance supervisors and managers leadership abilities had not delivered the results that were needed.

The project began by assisting the Chief Operating Officer and HR Director to understand the learning and performance needs of managers and supervisors. Together, we identified three needs: efficient management of daily work, improved integration of new employees and more effective employee relations.

Based on those needs I developed and led an educational program for managers and supervisors to enable them to succeed in the three focus areas.